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British Politics Review (ISSN 1890-4505) is a quarterly journal issued by the British Politics Society Norway. Founded in 2006, the journal is currently in its 9th volume.

The journal is aimed at everyone with a general interest in political developments in Britain. The journal is distributed both in print and electronically. Please contact us if you would like to subscirbe.

The editorial team of British Politics Review is identical to the board of the British Politics Society Norway. The current Editor-in-chief is Øivind Bratberg with Kristin Haugevik, Atle L. Wold  and Jannike Elmblom Berger as the other members of the editorial team.

British Politics Review welcomes articles on British politics, culture and society, related to the thematic area set for each issue. Since our first issue in 2006, the journal has had article contributions from more than a hundred political, academic, journalistic and other sources in both Britain and Norway. 

Do you have an idea for a topic you think British Politics Review should address, or are you interested in contributing with an article to one of our forthcoming issues? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Below, you can download and read full-text versions of all issues of British Politics Review since 2006.
The Scottish referendum
 U P C O M I N G  I S S U E

File:A National Conversation launch.jpg
Photo: The Scottish government,

The moment is fast approaching where the future of the UK as a union will be determined. On 18 September, a Scottish referendum will be held over the simple question ”Should Scotland be an independent country?”

The issue of Scottish independence raises a number of topics for closer scrutiny, and the editors welcome initiatives to contribute with articles on this topic. 

Please contact us for more informaton

The deadline for manuscripts is 31 April 2014.

M O S T  R E C E N T  I S S U E
Britain and the First World War

In August this year, the British will solemnly remember the start of the First World War, the war which brought Britain’s century as the world’s perhaps foremost great power to an end. Yet it was also a war that gave hopes for a new beginning for society as a whole.

Issue 1/14 of British Politics Reviewaddresses the centenary of the Great War from multiple perspectives.

Our contributors include Bernt Hagtvet, Patrick Salmon, Matthew Johnson, Geir Hasle, Steven Powell, Bernard Ireland and Torunn Skjærstad-

P R E V I O U S  I S S U E S
2 0 1 4


BPR No. 1, 2014 | The Great War: Reflections on the centenary | Full text

2 0 1 3


BPR No. 4, 2013 | Britain and Asia: Political and literary encounters | Full text
BPR No. 3, 2013 | Britannia unchained? British Euroscepticism revisited | Full text
BPR No. 2, 2013 | The beautiful game: Football in British politics and society | Full text
BPR No. 1, 2013 | Military values and society: Political implications in Britain | Full text

2 0 1 2


BPR No. 4, 2012 | Politics and British literature: Excursions in political fiction | Full text
BPR No. 3, 2012 | Intelligence and spies in fact and fiction | Full text
BPR No. 2, 2012 | The Major Years: Reflections on a quiet premiership | Full text
BPR No. 1, 2012 | Britain and Ireland: Reassessing a historic relationship | Full text

2 0 1 1


BPR No. 4, 2011 | Ties that unite: Sketches of the British-Norwegian relationship | Full text
BPR No. 3, 2011 | Constitutional reform: Redrawing Britain's institutions | Full text
BPR No. 2, 2011 | Multicultural Britain: Issues and controversies | Full text
BPR No. 1, 2011 | The cultural superpower: British cultural projection abroad | Full text
2 0 1 0


BPR No. 4, 2010 | Britain back to austerity: Upon whose shoulders? | Full text
BPR No. 3, 2010 | The coalition: Backdrop and consequences | Full text
BPR No. 2, 2010 | The UK general election: A revolution in waiting? | Full text
BPR No. 1, 2010 | Trends in British education: Excellence under strain? | Full text

2 0 0 9


BPR No. 4, 2009 | Winston Churchill: Man and mystery | Full text
BPR No. 3, 2009 | The Britishness debate: Identity issues in a contested United Kingdom | Full text
BPR No. 2, 2009 | Decentralising Britain: 10 years of Scottish and Welsh devolution | Full text
BPR No. 1, 2009 | Thatcher unveiled: 30 years since the start of a premiership | Full text

2 0 0 8

BPR No. 4, 2008 | An enduring alliance: Revisiting 60 years of Anglo-American relations | Full text
BPR No. 3, 2008 | A greener Britain: Visions and prospects for British environmentalism | Full text
BPR No. 2, 2008 | The British Empire: Causes, Conduct and Consequences | Full text
BPR No. 1, 2008 | Still the awkward partner?  35 years of British EU membership | Full text

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BPR No. 4, 2007 | Monarchy and Democracy: Essays on the Queen, Parliament, and the people | Full text
BPR No. 3, 2007 | The dawn of Brown's Britain: Prospects and challenges for the new PM | Full text
BPR No. 2, 2007 | Which way liberal Britain? The rise, fall and insurgence of liberal Britain | Full text
BPR No. 1, 2007 | A relationship under construction: 300 years of Anglo-Scottish Union | Full text

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BPR No. 2, 2006 | Diplomacy and intervention: British foreign policy assessed | Full text
BPR No. 1, 2006 | Tony Blair: End of an era? | Full text

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