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Peace in Northern Ireland

“The War is over!”. This phrase was sometimes used to describe the state of Northern Ireland after the “Good Friday” agreement of 1998 - the breakthrough in the peace process which seemed to spell the beginnings of a new era. Yet, the immediate years after were difficult ones for Northern Ireland. In 2002, direct rule from London was resumed. The future of devolution remained in limbo.

The St Andrews Agreement in 2006 provided the basis for a more stable arrangement. Contributions to the spring issue of British Politics Review examine why, and the implications of the agreement, ten years later. Arthur Aughey looks at the legacy of St Andrews, arguing that while devolution seems to be working, the story since 2006 is not one of unmitigated success.

In other contributions, Eamonn O’Kane and Jan Erik Mustad look at the challenges facing the IRA and the Loyalists respectively, in the current climate of peace. Sophie Whiting addresses the rise of Sinn Féin, both north and south of the border. Peter McLoughlin takes the pulse of Northern Irish society today, with a particular focus on the Good Friday Generation. Ann-Marie Forker sees Northern Ireland in relation to the on-going Brexit debate. Kate Fearon examines the political impact of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition. Finally, 2016 also marks the centenary of a more famous event than St Andrews: the Easter Rising of 1916. Fearghal McGarry looks at the rebellion and its lasting political implications.
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P.A. Munchs hus

The BPS board: Atle L. Wold, Øivind Bratberg, Henry Allen & Kristin Haugevik

Annual General Meeting 2016!

The tenth Annual General Meeting of the British Politics Society Norway will be held on Tuesday 31 May, 16:30-18:00.

Rom 489, P.A. Munchs hus, Blindern. Universitetet i Oslo.

Participants will be briefed about BPS activities in 2015, and plans for 2016. Other posts on the program include a presentation of the accounts for 2015 and the budget for 2016.

The meeting will be led by BPS leader Atle L. Wold.

Kindly note that in order to vote at the AGM, you need to have paid the membership fee for 2016. 

R E C E N T   E V E N T 

Michael Keating, Professor, University of Aberdeen


Brexit ahead?

On 10 May, BPS had the pleasure of inviting its members and friends to a seminar discussing Britain's future in - or outside of - the European Union. As the referendum on 23 June approaches, there is a real possibility that a majority of British voters will vote in favour of leaving the EU. What is the likely outcome of the referendum? What is at stake? And what will be the long-term consequences of this momentous decision -for Britain and for Europe?

A full audience got to hear engaging presentations from Professor Michael Keating from the University of Aberdeen, Professor John Erik Fossum from ARENA and PhD FellowJohn Todd from the University of Oslo.  

The seminar was chaired by Henry Allen, board member of the BPS, and took place at Gamle Christiania café ("Gamla") in Oslo. It was organised in cooperation with ARENA - Centre for European Studies. 

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Established in June 2006, the overall objective of the BPS is to raise the general interest and knowledge about Britain and British politics in Norway and to maintain a scholarly network for people with an interest in such matters. 

Our core activities include the staging of occasional events and the publication of the quarterly journal British Politics Review.

The current board consists of four people, all based in the academic community in Oslo. 

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The end of an affair?
 Britain's future in Europe

On 23 June, British voters will decide whether the UK is to
remain a member of the European Union, or step out of the community Britain joined in 1973. No matter what
the outcome, the consequences are likely to be significant
for both Britain and the EU.

Fore the summer edition of British Politics Review, we invite contributors to reflect on the situation in the wake of the referendum. First, however, we await the result: will this be Cameron’s greatest success, or will it be the one referendum too far?

The issue is due to arrive in August 2016.  Please contact us if you wish to contribute!

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