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This year's rather impressive AGM cake,
prepared by BPS leader Atle Wold!

Successful AGM

The tenth Annual General Meeting of the British Politics Society Norway was held on Tuesday 26 May.

Participants were briefed about BPS activities in 2014, and plans for 2015. Other posts on the program included a presentation of the accounts for 2014 and the budget for 2015. The AGM also re-elected Řivind Bratberg and Kristin Haugevik as board members for a two-year period.

As part of the discussion under any other business, the AGM discussed possible future topics for British Politics Review, as well as events organized by the society.

Read more about this year's AGM here.
N E W  I S S U E  O F  B R I T I S H  P O L I T I C S  R E W I E W


Who will win -
and what then?

Election day is coming up in Britain. Who will master the politics of fragmentation better - Labour leader Ed Miliband or Conservative Leader and present PM David Cameron?

In British Politics Review 2-15, we offer different perspectives on the upcoming general election.

On 7 May, the political cards will once again be redistributed between the competing forces of British politics. For the political parties, there is both much to hope for, and much to be feared.

Our article contributors this time include Andrew Gamble, Kevin Theatston, Franscesca Gains, Claire Annesley, Jan Erik Mustad, Glen O'Hara, Malcolm Harvey and Řivind Bratberg.

Join the BPS!

Membership in the British Politics Society is open to everyone with an interest in British politics, culture, and society.

BPS membership for one year costs NOK 100,- and gives the following benefits:
  • The right to vote at our Annual General Meeting 

Established in June 2006, the overall objective of the BPS is to raise the general interest and knowledge about Britain and British politics in Norway and to maintain a scholarly network for people with an interest in such matters. 

Our core activities include the staging of occasional events and the publication of the quarterly journal British Politics Review.

The current board consists of four people, all based in the academic community in Oslo. 

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At the page, BPS members and others can also engage in discussions on questions related to British politics, culture and society.

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Brexit next?

Although  not a major issue in the ongoing election campaign, all indications are that the question of Britain’s EU membership will be a core issue in the coming years. What kind of role is Britain going to play in the EU?

The Conservative Party’s manifesto sketches renegotiation with
Brussels followed by a referendum on the membership issue,
something neither Labour nor the Liberal Democrats are inclined to accept. But whether or not Britain’s relationship
with the union is put to this ultimate test, there are going to be
a number of difficult questions to handle.

Could a better balance be drawn between EU law and parliamentary sovereignty? And are there real options available for Britain within contested areas such as justice and home affairs, agricultural policy and foreign policy?

The summer edition of British Politics Review is due to arrive in July 2015. Please contact us if you would like to contribute!
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