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U P C O M I N G  E V E N T:

Independent Scotland:
A Northern European partner

Seminar with Angus Robertson, MP

British Politics Society has the pleasure of inviting its members and friends to a seminar with Angus Robertson, MP on the future of Scotland.

Monday 2 June 2014 at 16.30 - 18.00
at the University of Oslo, Domus Academica, auditorium 6

('Urbygningen', Karl Johans gt 47).

The event is held against the backdrop of the forthcoming independence referendum in Scotland. Mr Robertson’s lecture will map out the party’s positions on foreign and defence matters and its prospects for closer cooperation with the Nordic countries in the event of a ”Yes” to independence on 18 September.

Robertson has been a Member of Parliament since 2001, representing Moray. He is the Scottish National Party’s Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, its Parliamentary Leader in the House of Commons, and party spokesman on Defence and Europe.
All welcome - please register by sending us an e-mail.
N E W  I S S U E   O F  B R I T I S H  P O L I T I C S  R E V I E W
Scotland on its own?

The moment is fast approaching where the future of the UK as a union will be determined. On 18 September, a Scottish referendum will be held over the simple question ”Should Scotland be an independent country?”

Issue 2/14 of British Politics Review casts the net widely to approach core issues at stake on the day of the referendum..

Contributors this time include Malcolm Harvey, Eve Hepburn, Chris Whatley,, Richard Holt, Alistair Shepherd, Stephen Barber, Stephen Noon, Atle L. Wold and Nigel Anthony.

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Established in June 2006, the overall objective of the BPS is to raise the general interest and knowledge about Britain and British politics in Norway and to maintain a scholarly network for people with an interest in such matters. 

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The current board consists of four people, all based in the academic community in Oslo. 

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T h e  W i l s o n  y e a r s

In 1964, Harold Wilson and the Labour Party entered government after thirteen years in opposition. The election was a momentous one, seeing a grammar school prime minister succeed a Lord (Alec Douglas Home) against the backdrop of the swinging sixties and the perception of a society
where education and mobility would trump class.

In the summer issue of British Politics Review, due to arrive in mid-August, we discuss the paradoxes, achievements and shortcomings of the Wilson government on its 50th anniversary.

The editors welcome initiatives to contribute with articles. Please contact us.

The deadline for manuscripts is 31 July 2014.

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